50 Ton Trailer with 3rd Flip Axle

50 Ton With 3rd Flip Axle

50 Ton With 3rd Flip Axle

50 Ton With 3rd Flip Axle Drawing 

  Standard Optional

100% A514 T-1


Douglas fir [2.5”]

Apitong (2.5") 

Deck / Options

21’ Length STD

8’-6” Wide

Tool Box

Excavator Tray

Auxiliary Lighting Sockets [Front & Rear Of Deck]

Outriggers (12) Heavy Duty 3" wide

2’ Front Loading Ramps / Steel / Aluminu

Flat Deck Height

27" Empty estimates only


60” Axle Spreads

Scraper Fenders [Front / Mid / Rear Axle]

Cover Plate Over Center

Rear Loading Ramps / 5 – 6’ / Steel / Aluminum


Mech. Detachable


Spare Tire Bracket {Mechanical Neck Only]


Air Ride


S Cam drum brakes

Air Disc (Anti-Lock)

215/75R x 17.5 Continenta

Auto Air Inflation System


Steel Disc, 8 hole Hub Pilot

Aluminum / 8 hole Hub Pilot


Sealco Modular Sealed Wiring System

LED Lights


2 Coats Primer & Paint / White STD

Your color

Overall Length

42'-2” Estimate With 8’ Gooseneck


25,000 lb Oil Bath

Deck Height

24" estimate only

Weight (Estimated)

15,500 +/-3%

  • Measurements, clearance and dimensions are approximate and describe a standard trailer
  • Drawing is not to scale.
  • Weights, if shown, are typical and will vary.
  • All specifications, illustrations and information contained herein are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. Cozad Trailer Sales, LLC reserve the right to make any changes without notice or obligation.



We warrant this product for one year from the date of delivery to be free from defect in material and workmanship; also that it will perform its intended job satisfactorily when under normal use and service. Our responsibility is limited to making good at our facility by repair or replacement of any part which upon our examination is found to be defective in its construction or application. All freight charges are for our customers account. All vendor parts carry their own warranty.

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