Luther & Carmelita Cozad started their first business Cozad Construction. A few years later Cozad Construction was transformed into C & C Trucking which was located on their property in Stockton, California on Waterloo Road.  Luther built custom lowbed trailers to haul heavy equipment for C & C Trucking. 


Luther sold his first Custom Cozad Lowbed trailer to R. Troxel.  

Luther & Carmelita sold C & C Trucking so they could concentrate solely on manufacturing trailers full-time. 

Luther Cozad passes away.  Carmelita and her two sons, Jim and David, continue operating Cozad Manufacturing along with Carmelita’s sister, Juanita.  Carmelita incorporated business and it became Cozad Trailer Sales, Inc.

Jim Cozad’s life was taken in a tragic car accident. 



Carmelita and David sold the business.  David Cozad continued to work for the new owners as a consultant.  There was extensive remodeling done throughout the entire office and manufacturing plant by the new owners.  The company name was then changed to Cozad Trailers, Inc.  

In April 1993, just 13 months after Carmelita and David sold the company, Carmelita and David purchase the company back and the name is once again, Cozad Trailer Sales, Inc.

Carmelita and David then sold the company to Tom and Delores Pistacchio who continue to operate the company currently under the name of Cozad Trailer Sales, LLC.


2010 March
Cozad Trailer Sales, LLC purchased Reliance Trailers Sales, LLC along with Sturdy~Weld, Alloy, & Comet Trailers. The Spokane, Washington based company is now located in Stockton, CA. Currently, all manufacturing is now being done at the Stockton plant.

2010 September
Cozad Trailer Sales, LLC purchased the assets of Wesco Trailer (aggregate division) and moved the Woodland , CA. based company to Stockton, CA. All manufacturing is now currently being built at the Stockton location.

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